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The hands of the ancient Andean Peruvians that built for over six centuries the Incan sanctuaries, the pride of the people of Cusco, is still latent in the streets of the city, in the Incan palaces, temples and fortresses. The lytic architecture of the ancient capital of the Incas, Cusco, gives the appearance of an incomparable Andean city. The architecture is not the only thing that has become part of the Incan heritage. Another aspect that makes this city unique is its cultural richness; this city continues to cause admiration, like it still lies in the past. To walk symmetrically on the Incan streets, is to be close to its unique and wonderful past. The people of Cusco look to the reflection between the stones, with their desire to discover the mystery of the empire, but it’s like a tomb that never will reveal its secret.